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As a parent, you want well-behaved, respectful, and obedient children

Like many parents, you get frustrated by their unpleasant behavior, their failure to listen, and their arguing.

 Your attempts to solve these problems, no matter how logical or sensible, have not produced the results you’ve hoped for. And advice from experts is often confusing, impractical, sometimes contradictory, or just plain ineffective. Your days are filled with more stress and aggravation than you imagined family life would hold.

You, like most modern parents, have probably unnecessarily complicated the relatively straightforward process of raising kids. At Kids Raised, we will provide common sense and effective solutions to the most troublesome and exasperating child behavior problems, time-tested answers that reduce your distress and allow you to spend more time enjoying your children. Our parenting classes, videos and tips have been developed to help parents like you make your most important job easier.

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